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TLC Mission Statement

To battle poverty, build hope, and improve lives in Lesotho!

The Lesotho Connection is a non-denominational, 501(c)3 organization that aspires to develop resources, promote understanding, and foster mutuality between communities in Tacoma and Lesotho. TLC works in partnership with grass-roots, Basotho led organizations responding to:

  • the high incidence of HIV/AIDS,
  • ever growing number of AIDS orphans and vulnerable children; and
  • extreme poverty of Lesotho, Africa.

In the spirit of ubuntu, our humanity is inextricably bound together.

TLC Background

TLC began in 2006 when visits by people from Tacoma Washington inspired others in the community to gather resources to assist community leaders in Lesotho in their work to improve the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS and the pervasive poverty of the “Mountain Kingdom.”

In 2013 Chagrin Falls, OH resident and Lesotho RPCV Linda Henry volunteered to represent TLC in their plans to assist Sr. Juliana Manele with her goal of building an orphanage, the St. Camillus Centre. Thanks to the generous support of the Chagrin Valley community, fundraising provides support for TLC and the St. Camillus Centre. Linda continues visiting Lesotho regularly to support the Centre’s children.

Leadership and Hope

Inquiries about people and organizations working to help HIV-AIDS affected people and orphans led to Sr. Juliana Manele and Bishop Sebastian Khoarai who created the St. Camillus Center in 2002 in response to the epidemic. Another grassroots group, the Sisters of the Holy Names, is deeply involved in education and community outreach in the northern part of the country.

When family and friends heard about the work of these dedicated women, their response was overwhelming. Father Bill Bichsel S.J. (Bix) and Joe Power-Drutis initiated the Tacoma Lesotho Connection and others quickly joined in to offer assistance. More than $46,000.00 (including a truck for the St. Camillus AIDS Center) has already been sent from members and supporters of the Tacoma Lesotho Connection.

TLC was incorporated in Washington State as a non-profit on November 29, 2007 under the name Tacoma Lesotho Connection. In response to our growing number of members and supporters living beyond the borders of Tacoma, Washington, the organization was re-named The Lesotho Connection in 2012. We are a registered 501(c)3 organization and our tax exempt # is 26-2438807. All contributions are tax deductible.