Tuesday, September 3 | Linda in Lesotho

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Tuesday, September 3 | Linda in Lesotho.


Recently our new little guy, Mzwandile, was playing with something dead and gross.  When he started to put it in his mouth I yelled at him and asked Makatiso what he had in his hand.  She yelled, What is that?  He answered in a tiny shy voice ‘Nama” (meat). It was a dead bird, probably a pigeon.  He had been gnawing on it.  It looked like road kill but I could see chewed parts.  She made him throw it in the bushes.  I asked her if he was hungry and she said no, he ate breakfast just a bit earlier.  There is something really wrong with this kid!  A little later I found out that Makatiso had had to run quite a ways down the road to catch him. He said he was going to find his father and was walking down the middle of the road.  His paperwork says he is a double orphan.  The papers also said he is 8 and there is no way this guy is 8, more like 5. He is Mzulu, not from Lesotho so I don’t know the rest of his story.  He seems like he will be a real challenge to us here.

The older boy, Toka, age 14 is also a little bit of a challenge.  He definitely has a chip on his shoulder and tries to come off as a tough guy.  This afternoon when the kids all came home from school it was windy and cold outside so we were sitting around in the house.  I brought out the box that Kim sent with the Matchbox cars, little girl hair things, earrings etc..  There wasn’t anything appropriate for an older boy as at the time she sent the box I had only asked for girl stuff and little boy toys.  However, he was very interested in the blowup world globes and luckily she sent two.  I gave him one and he seemed to appreciate it and enjoyed that he received something.  I put tattoos on the little kids and we were all having a good time.  I got my camera and took pictures of the little ones.  I asked if I could take his pic and he initially said yes but when I showed him the LED with his photos he demanded I delete them.  I said, “okay, if that is what you want”  and made a little show of deleting and saying good bye to each photo.  He kind of laughed but I think he feels the need to challenge and dominate.  He has definitely been living on his own on the streets for quite sometime so I think he has really become hardened.

A little later he asked me if I would take his photo and of course I was happy to.  I think the girls are trying with him.  I see them including him and calling him their new brother but I also wonder how this will all work out.  We’ll see.

The blowup world globes were really interesting.  I gave one to older kids, and some neighbor kids and they spent a lot of time looking at it and discussing.  At some point I realized they were trying to find Lesotho.  Everyone had an opinion about where it was on the globe but nobody could find it.  They were flabbergasted at tiny it is and how far from America.  It is a tiny dot on the globe.

We received a happy surprise Saturday afternoon when a couple showed up with food for the kids in their truck.  They had heard about the orphanage and decided to bring some mealie meal and vegetables.  I thanked them profusely but was very surprised when they showed up about an hour later with meat, and lots more vegetables.  They had obviously been overwhelmed by the number of children at the house and had gone to the store and bought more food.

Most of yesterday and today are more of just running around with Sister Juliana doing errands and keeping things running.  An example is that the water pump at our farm broke and we had to find someone to fix it.  Also we needed to buy seeds and get them distributed to our farm and village folks that need them.  There is always work to do and never a dull day.