The Basotho government covers tuition costs for students in grades 1-7, but there are other items necessary to receive this “free” education (watchmen fees, feast days, lunches, etc.). More than half of people in Lesotho live on less than $2/day, yet the cost of attending high school averages at $400 and the cost of attending grade school averages at $200 per year.

The Lesotho Connection provides TLC Scholarships to Basotho students through one of our partner organizations, Sisters of the Holy Names in Maseru.

Since 2007, 2 Grade School and 22 High School students in Lesotho have been funded through Booking It Scholarships.


High School Scholarship = $400

Tuition and Fees: $190

Books including Government book project: $70

Uniforms, underclothes, socks, shoes, and school supplies: $140

Grade School Scholarship = $200

Uniforms, underclothes, socks, shoes, and school supplies: $120

Fees: $60


Sponsor a TLC Scholarship

If you would like to provide a scholarship for a Basotho student to attend middle or high school, please visit our donation page and indicate TLC Scholarship in the “Designate my donation” box. Even if you cannot provide the full amount for a scholarship, any amount helps!