Sponsor a child in Lesotho

The Lesotho Connection in partnership with the St. Camillus Centre in Mohale’s Hoek, Lesotho, works to provide funding for vulnerable children to attend school. Primary school is free in Lesotho, but there are still fees and supplies, including uniforms, to consider. More than half of people in Lesotho live on less than $2/day, yet the cost of attending secondary school is around $365.

Most students sponsored here will be secondary school students who show promise in their community and are eager to learn! Below are 2 examples of children eligible for scholarship:

Puseletso – Age 14

Puseletso is a double orphan who was living with her 25 year old uncle and her two younger siblings. Their uncle was not able to care for them as he was working as a herd boy. All three siblings are living at St. Camillus Centre.

Puseletso will be starting secondary school, Form A, next year. She is hoping to do well on her exams this year so she can attend St. Patrick’s High School near the Centre.

Puseletso loves traditional dancing and playing soccer. She wishes to play on the lady’s soccer team in secondary school. Her favorite foods are rice, meat, and scones. She would like to be a nurse so that she can help sick people.




Bakuena – Age 14

Bakuena is a double orphan who was living with his sisters and cousins before coming to the Centre. The house which they were living in was not in a good condition. The relative who they were living with could no longer accommodate the children because he had to go to work, so he sent Bakuena, his younger sister and cousin to St. Camillus Centre.

Bakuena will be starting secondary school, Form A, next year. He is hoping to do well on his exams this year so he can attend St. Patrick’s High School near the Centre or Machabeng High School in the capital, Maseru. Machabeng is a top international school in Lesotho.




School fees for one year at St. Patrick’s High School are as follows:

+Tuition: $ 150      +Educational Trips: $ 40      +Books & Supplies: $ 175

Total: $ 365

Donations of the full amount listed above are preferable as it ensures enrollment of the child for the entire school year. However, any contribution is very greatly appreciated and will go towards the ongoing schooling of a primary or secondary school child being sponsored through our organization.

To  sponsor a student with a scholarship, please contact us using the form on this page and a member of the board will follow up with more details and profiles of students currently in need of a sponsor.